Unique Geared Solutions.

Orbitless™ — offers micro-offset, low noise, fractional rotation, high efficiency choices…

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For your challenging applications

The patented Orbitless™ Drive can be used in a variety of applications from eMobility, Motion Control, Energy, Home Automation, or anywhere gear motors are used.


Motion Control


Home Automation

Sample designs

Orbitless PRIME

An ideal 1st stage or single stage gear set offering:

  • Micro-Offset (unique to Orbitless)
  • Low noise
  • High Efficiency
  • 2:1 up to 4:1 ideal ratio
  • Concentric also avail

Contact us to configure one for your specific requirements.

(this is configured as a 2:1 increaser for Industrial Motor application)


Orbitless PRIME – Fractional

Ideal for fractional rotation applications:

  • up to 180 degrees rotation
  • Excellent Torque density
  • Compact design
  • Multiple output options
  • High efficiency
  • Linear or Non-Linear Motion Profile

Contact us for more info

(this is a sample of an Orbitless Fractional used in robot gripper)



A truly novel option for gearbox designers everywhere to enhance their design or create new ones offering better efficiencies, lower noise and lower cost solutions.

Higher Efficiency

Optimized power budgets for longer range and battery life as we shift to electric motor based applications.

More Compact

Achieve higher ratios using gears and carriers with the power density of more expensive systems.

Lower NVH

Reduced gear Noise, Vibration, and Harshness, at the source of the problem – the gear mesh.

Low Cost

We’ve eliminated the most expensive and complex component in most gear systems, the ring gear.

Orbitless has the potential to challenge
conventional geared systems.”

Barry James

CTO & Head of R&D, Romax Technology

GearSolutions Article on Orbitless

GearSolutions Article on Orbitless

Check out the article in GearSolutions regarding how and Orbitless stage can compliment a Planetary stage, working together to provide a the best of both worlds!  ...

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Orbitless Video pitch for NASA iTech

Orbitless Video pitch for NASA iTech

While we did not get selected for one of the top 3 spots for NASA iTech...we did make the top 10 and got a lot of great exposure to the NASA community. Check out our video presentation here

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Orbitless selected as 2020 NASA iTech Cycle I Top 10 Finalist

Orbitless selected as 2020 NASA iTech Cycle I Top 10 Finalist

Orbitless Drives is proud to be selected as a Top 10 Finalist for the NASA iTech Cycles innovation program, and look forward to the final round were we present at the NASA iTech’s 2020 Cycle I forum to a distinguished panel, live streamed on Oct 1-2, 2020 at this...

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Development Program

The Orbitless Development Program enables companies to evaluate the Orbitless Drive technology.