A drive you’ve
never seen before.

Orbitless™ — quieter, compact, more efficient. The first novel drivetrain technology in generations.
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For a Quieter Planet

The patented Orbitless™ Drive can be used in a variety of applications from eMobility, Motion Control, Energy, Home Automation, or anywhere gear motors are used.


Motion Control


Home Automation

How it Works

Available in single stage, multi-stage, high ratio and low ratio
configurations, the possibilities are endless.

Orbitless PRIME

Orbitless PRIME is the purest implementation of an Orbitless Drive, and simply replaces the ring gear with a secondary carrier. The net effect is lower losses, via reduced tooth engagement and lower pitch velocity.

Orbitless PLUS+

Orbitless PLUS+ takes the core principles and by adding an idler gear, enables high ratios in a single stage. This configuration can be implemented in various ways to create the most compact and cost effective high ratio solution in the market.

Orbitless HYBRID

Orbitless HYBRID is a combination of PRIME and PLUS, giving you a very unique gearing solution option with 2 speeds in a single stage. The various configuration options here allow the gearbox designer to really think “outside the box” on new ways to optimize a design.


A truly novel option for gearbox designers everywhere to enhance their design or create new ones offering better efficiencies, lower noise and lower cost solutions.

Higher Efficiency

Optimized power budgets for longer range and battery life as we shift to electric motor based applications.

More Compact

Achieve higher ratios using gears and carriers with the power density of more expensive systems.

Lower NVH

Reduced gear Noise, Vibration, and Harshness, at the source of the problem – the gear mesh.

Low Cost

We’ve eliminated the most expensive and complex component in most gear systems, the ring gear.

Orbitless has the potential to challenge
conventional geared systems.”

Barry James

CTO & Head of R&D, Romax Technology

Orbitless selected for TechFounders Batch #11 in Munich

Orbitless selected for TechFounders Batch #11 in Munich

Orbitless Drives Inc. is excited to announce that we have been selected to participate in the TechFounders Accelerator program for Batch #11, from Jan to May 2020 in Munich, Germany. This unique program pairs Innovative startups with leading corporate partners to...

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Motion + Power Technology Expo invites Orbitless Drives

Motion + Power Technology Expo invites Orbitless Drives

The Motion + Power Technology Expo welcomes Orbitless to present during the Fall Technical sessions on the low noise Orbitless Drive https://motionpowerexpo.com/fall-technical-meeting/ This meeting brings together top researchers from across the globe who will provide...

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CTI Symposium China welcomes Orbitless Drives

CTI Symposium China welcomes Orbitless Drives

The CTI Symposium, home of the worlds international Transmission and Drive Community returns to Shanghai, 23rd-25th September 2019. #CTI-SYM https://drivetrain-symposium.world/cn/ CTI China, part of the CTI world series, provides the most comprehensive agenda and...

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Development Program

The Orbitless Development Program enables companies to evaluate the Orbitless Drive technology.