Sample Orbitless EV Drive

Use cases in Automotive

For EVs that are moving from a direct drive system to a 1 to 3 speed gearbox, Orbitless is an ideal choice to improve the efficiency and NVH while lowering cost. An Orbitless Drive can provide an ideal initial stage in a multi-stage gearbox, or a great low ratio (1.5:1 - 4:1) solution. Alternatively, our Orbitless Hi-Ratio configuration can support up to 50:1 or even higher in a single stage.

Key Benefits of Orbitless for Automotive eDrives:

- Lower NVH - up to 60% less due to low gear engagement, slower planet speeds and overall smoother operation. Measured >10 dBA lower than comparable planetary drives.

 - NO Ring Gear - Removes costly Ring Gear element which is also prone to tolerance issues in large volume manufacturing. Removal of ring gear also limits tooth engagement, which helps on NVH.

 - Super Efficient Gear with 30-40% improvements in system wide performance, increases range for similar battery / motor combinations

 - Utilize the built in Offset option...or implement as an Inline solution. Your choice!

Key benefits for Automotive Actuators and other functions:

- High efficiency for less power draw for windows, seats, convertible tops, mirrors etc.

- Enables use of alternate materials like Plastics and Ceramics in smaller packages

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