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Learn More About Orbitless

Learn more about the Orbitless Drive platform, and how it can be configured to meet your demanding requirements. Here you can find publications and documents, e-learning modules and videos.

License info

We deliver Design and IP Licenses and Engineering Services to enable our customers and partners to integrate Orbitless technology into their designs. Every Orbitless customer requires a license to design, build or sell and Orbitless based solution.

Orbitless Concept Evaluation

Provide us with your goals and requirements and we will create a customized gear ratio model and force calculations report for the Orbitless design best suited to your application. Get your report here.

Publications & Presentations

Technical Papers

Orbitless PRIME Whitepaper – (PDF)
Orbitless PLUS Whitepaper – (PDF)


Articles and Conference Presentations

Power Transmission Engineering
Familiar Goals, New Solutions, October 2017 (pdf)
Pushing Forward with Belts and Chains, June 2018 (pdf)
Smashing the Efficiency Barrier, October 2018

International Gear Conference 2017
Practical Comparison of Orbitless and Planetary

SimulationX User Conference 2018
Reducing Noise in a Primary Orbitless Stage (pdf)

Springer Nature
Complementary Strengths of an Orbitless and Planetary drives



Orbitless and the evolution of Gears

High Ratio Gearing

Orbitless PRIME – 2:1 inline

Orbitless PRIME – 3:1 offset

Orbitless PLUS – 25:1 helical

Orbitless Chain Drive – 26:1

Orbitless Lubrication Benefits

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Orbitless Innovation Partners

Orbitless partners with leading companies focused on the design, modeling and analysis of geared systems to provide our customers highly optimized solutions for their varied applications.

Design Partners

Advanced Mobility Products

AMP provides world class engineering services for Automotive and Aeronautical applications.


Siriotek offers a variety of CAE engineering services for your most advanced projects.

CAE Technology Partners

Romax Technologies

Romax provides world leading solutions for the design, analysis, testing, and manufacture of gearboxes, drivetrains and bearings.

ESI – SimulationX

SimulationX provides Computer-aided modeling, simulation and optimization of technical systems.


Specializing in design software for mechanical engineering applications.


Orbitless is supported by the Solidworks for Entrepreneurs program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a catalogue of available gear-heads?

No, as the market for gear-heads & transmissions is very broad, we work with gearbox manufacturers at every scale to deliver solutions to the market. If you have an application in mind, we can help you design, prototype and manufacture it.

How do I work with Orbitless Drives?

Orbitless Drives provides IP Licensing and engineering services, including concept modeling and simulations, to customers and partners. Finished products are sold through our industrial partners.

What is the license fee for an Orbitless drive?

The Orbitless License program is designed to be affordable for anyone to integrate it into their design. If you have a project, connect with us to find out more.

What is NEW about this technology?

Orbitless is a novel and fundamentally distinct drive topology platform, much like a planetary or parallel-axis drive, with patents recently issued around the world. Check out this video to find out more. 

How do I decide which Orbitless Drive to use?

The Orbitless Drive platform can be configured in a variety of ways to support the key application requirement, such as low noise, high efficiency, compact design, or lower backlash. Send us your requirements and we can assist in determining which option is right for you.

As some of the parts are eccentric, can it be operated at high speeds?

Although an Orbitless drive appears unbalanced like a cycloid drive, the offset carrier is symmetric and rotates about its central axis, and the asymmetric planets do not rotate at all. They circulate at a constant orientation, do not develop vibrations at high speeds, and do not require any counter-balancing. Lab tests have shown it to be a particularly low-vibration gear solution ideally suited for high speed applications.

How does Orbitless deal with “high-torque” applications?

Orbitless has developed specific high torque designs that further reduces the internal forces on the planet bearings substantially (up to 50%). Since absolute torque capacity is dependent on so many parameters, it is best to discuss with us your requirements to define the best solution.

How big is the offset between drive-shafts?

An Orbitless drive can be configured for co-axial or offset drive shafts. It can even be configured to have BOTH, at the same time. When there is an offset, the maximum offset is approximately equal to the planet radius.

What is the reduction ratio?

For an Orbitless PRIME stage, the ratio i=1+Zp/Zs, where Zp and Zs are the numbers of teeth in the planet and sun. This is exactly half the ratio you would get from a planetary gear with the same planet and sun gears. Depending on the ratio you are looking for, the Orbitless platform can be designed to support both high and low ratio options.

Can helical gears be used?

Yes. Any gears that will work in a parallel-axis drive (herring-bone, friction, anti-backlash, etc.) will work in an Orbitless drive.

Isn’t the ring gear (internal gear) necessary?

The traditional expensive and difficult to manufacture planetary ring gear is replaced with a simple secondary carrier in an Orbitless drive, while still maintaining the load sharing benefits. Check out some of the white papers to find out more.

Development Program

The Orbitless Development Program enables companies to evaluate the Orbitless Drive technology.