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Where Orbitless is Used

The increased use of electric motors in a wide variety of applications has lead to an advancement in motor technology, but not in gearhead optimization. Electric motors are getting faster, smaller and more powerful, and traditional gearing systems can’t keep up with the speed or noise requirements.

Orbitless addresses the major concerns in eMotor applications by reducing noise, increasing efficiency, and offering compact high ratio options. The configurable Orbitless Drive Platform allows application developers and gearbox designers to enhance their existing products, or develop a whole new class of quiet, efficient and compact solutions.


From eBikes to Autonomous vehicles, the eMobility revolution means electric gearmotors….and alot of them. This also means a strain on overall power budget, and the need for powertrain designers to optimize drivetrain and all sub systems and actuators in the automobile and any mobilty application.

Orbitless Advantages

  • Higher Efficiency – optimize power budgets for longer range
  • Lower NVH – Noise, Vibration, Harshness – a quieter gearbox
  • Compact Design – high ratios with high power density
  • Low Cost – Easy to Manufacture

Application Areas

  • EV eDrive Powertrains
  • eBikes
  • Automotive Actuators
  • Utility Vehicles

Motion Control

From Medical devices to Industry 4.0 applications, the need to make electric motors precisely move things quietly and efficiently is a universal goal. From Insulin pumps, to Robots to Autonomous Vehicles with automatic doors, seats and windows, virtually any moving device uses a geared motor. With 45% of the world’s electricity being consumed by Electric motors, there is lots to be done to improve efficiency in systems today.

Orbitless Advantages

  • High Efficiency – lower power budget
  • Low Backlash – for better control
  • Low NVH – for smoother, vibration free operation
  • Low Cost – enabling use of more plastics

Application Area

  • Medical devices
  • Exoskeletons
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Assembly lines
  • Autonomous vehicles


Gearbox issues are the #1 issue in Windpower systems from a reliability and noise production perspective. Advancements in gearbox design for large power systems is ripe for innovation. With 45% of the world’s electricity being consumed by Electric motors, there is lots to be done to improve system efficiency

Orbitless Advantages

  • High Efficiency – across the system
  • Low NVH – reduces vibration
  • Low Pitch Velocity – ideal for high speed applications
  • Lubrication – low churn
  • Low Cost – no expensive ring gear

Application Areas

  • Windpower systems
  • Power Generation applications

Home Automation

If you look around your house, you will see many geared motor devices, from your household drill and food blender to your robotic vacuum and motorized roller blinds. Appliances and other devices utilize a tremendous number of geared motors, and the numbers are growing.

Orbitless Advantages

  • High Efficiency – smaller more efficient motors
  • Low NVH – reduces high pitch whine
  • Low Pitch Velocity – ideal for higher speed motors
  • Low Cost – enables more use of plastics

Application Area

  • Robot Vacuums, Lawn mowers
  • Motorized Blinds
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Drills & tools
  • And many more

Development Program

The Orbitless Development Program enables companies to evaluate the Orbitless Drive technology.