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Orbitless Team Members and Affiliates

Orbitless Drives Inc. was formed out of an idea about optimization. “How to make a robotic system more cost effective to make and get rid of that annoying ring gear”, was the thesis that inventor and founder Dr Leo Stocco had. After doing his PhD in Electromechanical Optimization and spending a few years at a Robotics company focused on Robotic Surgical systems, Leo gave himself an optimization challenge.

After doing a few years of basement lab engineering… the result is the Orbitless Drive platform.

Patented in US, China and Europe, Orbitless is poised to become a new standard in Gear design, alongside the existing technologies like planetary, parallel axis and strainwave (harmonic) drive technologies.

Our mission is to help gear design professionals to be able to quickly and cost effectively integrate a Orbitless design into their product.

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Robert Eisses
Dr Leo Stocco, PhD, PEng
Laurent Bélisle-Chabot
Design Engineer

V-Bond Lee
VP Engineering

John Jennings


We are supported by Supernode, eFund, UBC Seed Fund and a few local Angel Investors.

Support Organizations

Hatch at e@UBC – Affiliate member


Startup Autobahn – 2017 Pitch Presenter

TusStar AnnArbour – Particpated in May 2019 China Mobility Tour


VDI Wissensforum – International Conference on Gears 2017 and 2019 Speaker


AGMA – 2019 Speaker at Fall Technical Forum


Startup Canada – Export Challenge Regional Winner & national Finalist


Canadian Government – NRC IRAP and Eureka! Project funding


We are currently looking for:
Gear Design Engineers

Development Program

The Orbitless Development Program enables companies to evaluate the Orbitless Drive technology.