Orbitless Drives Inc. is pleased to announce that Siriotek Ltd has joined its Design Partner program to provide world class design support for both internal and 3rd party customer projects. Specifically, the agreement provides Orbitless with access to an exceptional engineering team to assist in the design and development of Orbitless based powertrains and actuators. It also gives Siriotek customers the ability to explore the Orbitless Drive technology platform and utilize their trusted partner to design unique solutions with this exciting new technology.

With the move to EVs and Autonomous vehicles, the need for quieter and more efficient electric geared motors for powertrains and actuators in all types of vehicles is on the rise. The Orbitless Drive is a newly patented, super high efficient, low noise (#NVH) drive platform that is ideally suited to the electrification trend. It can be used in powertrains or actuators for motion control, robotics, electric vehicles, wind power and more. Development programs are available for companies willing to implement a customised design into their system with an affordable license model for commercial applications.

As part of the agreement, Siriotek has already carried out detailed concept level analyses and provided valuable insights for optimising the Orbitless drive in specific applications. With several decades of combined experience in advanced engineering the Siriotek team has a track record of delivering practical and efficient solutions to clients across Formula 1, Aerospace, Renewables, Power Generation and Robotics in areas ranging from aero/fluid dynamics to optimisation of mechanical systems.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Siriotek CEO, comments:

“The Orbitless Drive technology is truly a novel and unique technology, and we look forward to working with Orbitless Inc. and their customers to show how they can benefit from its peculiar properties. We are naturally excited by this partnership, which will bring value to the world’s gearbox and drivetrain communities.”

Robert Eisses, Orbitless Drives Inc. CEO, comments:

“We were really impressed by Siriotek analysis capabilities and valuable findings during our concept level investigations and it was natural to select them as Partners. We are excited about working with Giovanni and his team, as we build out the ecosystem of designers and supporters of the Orbitless Drive solution. Decades of experience in pushing the boundaries in F1 really fit well with maximizing the benefits that come with an Orbitless Drive solution.”

About Siriotek

At Siriotek we blend passion and creativity with specialist engineering knowledge to help innovative Companies deliver on their most ambitious projects. We have a track record of providing practical and efficient solutions to complex problems in product and technology development across diverse industries and we pride on customer satisfaction. www.siriotek.com

About Orbitless

Orbitless Drives Inc. has developed the newly patented Orbitless Drive platform. It is ideal for geared applications that require lower noise, higher efficiency, or high ratios in a compact package. An Orbitless Drive can be used in powertrains or actuators for motion control, robotics, electric vehicles, wind power and more. The Company offers Development and Licensing programs for companies that are looking to implement an Orbitless design into their application. www.orbitless.com