The Motion + Power Technology Expo welcomes Orbitless to present during the Fall Technical sessions on the low noise Orbitless Drive

This meeting brings together top researchers from across the globe who will provide the latest information on their peer-reviewed gear industry research. Network with the industry experts, academics, and engineers; ask your burning questions; and see what is in the future of this industry.

Orbitless is pleased to be presenting a technical paper titled, “COMPLEMENTARY STRENGTHS OF ORBITLESS & PLANETARY DRIVES”

As a new high efficiency low NVH, topology for gearboxes and powertrains for a variety of applications, Orbitless offers the opportunity for Gear box designers from small precision motor applications to larger scale eDrives for OEMs and Tier1s to address key issues that the industry as a whole is looking to improve.

This presentation compare the relative benefits of an Orbitless drive to a traditional Planetary drive as it relates to benefits for NVH ( Noise, Vibration and Harshness), Efficiency, Lubrication and High Speed Input support. This project further validates the work that Orbitless has done in smaller form factors for other markets like robotics, medical devices or home automation solutions.

This talk covers the unique design considerations in developing an Orbitless drive including managing its unique geometry, which removes the standard ring gear and replaces it with an offset carrier.

If you are visiting Motion + Power Tech Expo or the Fall Technical Meeting or if you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our technical experts and see how Orbitless can fit into your designs , email: