The 8th International Conference on Gears 2019 will be held in Garching, Germany, at the Technical University of Munich’s Gear Research Centre (FZG) from September 18th to 20th, 2019. The conference brings together over 600 leading experts from the international gear and transmission industry and is supported by national and international associations. #VDI_gears

Orbitless is pleased to be both exhibiting and presenting a technical paper titled, ‘Complimentary Strengths of Orbitless and Planetary Drives.

In this talk we will cover what an Orbitless drive is, and its relative advantage to a traditional Planetary drive. This novel fixed-ratio epi-cyclic drive includes a second carrier in place of a ring gear. This fundamental difference has been shown to have superior efficiency to a Planetary drive, and is shown here using @SimulationX @ESIgermany simulation tools, to produce fewer vibration spikes in the audible frequency spectrum at the expense of reduced torque capacity.

Similar characteristics have made plastic gears a standard fixture in primary stage drive units for a long time. A prototype 16mm Orbitless drive is constructed and compared to an off-the-shelf Planetary drive to corroborate the predicted audible outputs. Frequency spikes that appears around the tooth engagement frequency of the Planetary drive are absent from the FFT of the Orbitless drive. A high quality 32mm Orbitless drive is constructed to evaluate its efficacy in a multi-stage environment. Sound levels are measured and analyzed for both stand-alone Orbitless and multi-stage Orbitless/Planetary configurations.

Improvements in both amplitude and sound quality are demonstrated and it is shown that the primary stage is the dominant noise source. It is concluded that an Orbitless primary stage is a new opportunity that may be used in conjunction with plastic gears and other conventional techniques to minimize NVH levels in multi-stage gear drives.

If you are visiting ICG 2019 in Garching Germany, come by our booth, or if you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our technical experts and see how Orbitless can fit into your designs, email: