Fundamental inventions are rare, whereas innovation or the improvement of an existing process happens more frequently. The Orbitless Drive squarely fits in the invention category, as was recently confirmed with the recent USPTO patent award. A significant point on the Orbitless patent, is that it was issued with no prior art and with all the claims accepted, proving its true unique properties. Would you call that innovation or invention? Whichever the case, introducing something new and getting adoption in traditional market can be a challenge. The invention is there, so in our minds, it’s now about innovation, and getting gearbox designers to understand, embrace and benefit from the significant advantages of the Orbitless Drive invention. Sure, there will be naysayers, who will always find the reason not to implement it, but the rewards will come to those that take the time to understand it and the endless applications where it can be applied. Contact us today to find out more about how an Orbitless based gearbox solution can meet your unique application requirements.