Partner Program

driven by ORBITLESS™

Designed to assist in the research and development of solutions in various vertical markets.  The driven by Orbitless™ partner program enables companies to evaluate the ORBITLESS™ Drive technology for a nominal fee. Once your prototypes are validated, and you move to production, an appropriate license model will be put in place based on your vertical, price point, expected volume, geography.

A Phased Approach

Application Definition & Concept Design
  • We work with you to help identify where Orbitless technology can most benefit the application you have in mind and provide a high-level design concept.
  • No Charge
Prototype Design & Build
  • We work closely with your internal design engineers to choose the Orbitless configuration that best satisfies the requirements, constraints and goals of your application.
  • If you don’t have the internal resources available, we can also assist with our internal Orbitless Design team or 3rd Party support for your internal team.
  • Contact us for more details and costs
Test & Validation
  • We help troubleshoot any performance issues identified during your internal testing of your Orbitless prototype.
  • Included in Development agreement
  • External 3rd Party testing can be arranged for a fee.
Commercial Release
  • Based on the Commercial plan for the product, we provide a commercial friendly license model that ensures your success in the market.

Development Program Details

Our development program is designed to give you the most support with a low risk and low cost path to building a successful product based on the Orbitless Drive. Under the program, we offer a bundle of support hours and a development License. IP created under this program is retained by Orbitless Drive, unless otherwise agreed to in advance. Some items have extra costs associated.

Development Program options include:

  • Conceptual Design file access
  • Customer Design review & validation
  • 3D printed Model support
  • Engineering Design optimization
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Email support
  • Enhanced Phone support
  • Partner Visit

Orbitless Optimizer Module

We have developed a simple tool to help plan your Orbitless Drive. Send us your goals and we can assist in planning the optimal Orbitless Drive.

Based on a set of Input Parameters, we output a set of computed Design Parameters that allow you to prototype your application quickly and inexpensively.

Commercial License Models

We offer a range of License options based on the use case of the Orbitless Drive, which can be affected by geography, price point, expected volume, exclusivity and other factors. Generally, our IP license rates are based on ASP (average selling price) of final drive unit. Contact us for details on the right program for your application.

License model options include:

  • Single Use
  • Multiple Use
  • Platform / Architecture
  • Custom
  • First to market

Contact us for more details.