The Orbitless Drive Platform

ORBITLESS™ is the first novel drivetrain technology in generations. The patent pending ORBITLESS™ Drive can be used in a variety of applications from Motion Control, Robotics, Electric vehicles, Wind Power or really anywhere gear motors are used . It can be an alternative to a Planetary Drives, Harmonic (strain-wave) or Spur Gearsets, or used in combination to derive the desired ideal gearbox. Available in single stage, multi-stage, high and low ratio configurations, the possibilities are endless. We work with leading innovative gearhead, power transmission, and gearmotor companies that are looking to maintain their competitive edge. Our company provides a technical consultancy service and a support network, to offer external clients transmission design, analysis, build and test engineering.   If you are a gearbox, gearmotor or powertrain designer, check out our driven by Orbitless™ Partner program or call us today at +1 604 724 3719.    


Each market application takes advantage of different elements of the ORBITLESS™ Drive technology
Automotive, Robotics and Motion Control, Wind and Power Systems, Industrial

Core Benefits of an ORBITLESS™ Drive

Enhance your drivetrain designs with these key differentiators:
reduce gear noise by 60%
High Efficiency
Measured 40% plus gains
from 1.5:1 and higher
reduce manufacturing cost and complexity
Higher Input
increase motor speed 2x plus
Design License
design and IP licenses avail

Driven by Orbitless

Get the latest spin on Orbitless. You have nothing to lose!
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We work with leading design experts and tool vendors to bring this technology to market.
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    Gear Design Experts

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